What is Text Tools?
Text Tools is a free tool for text manipulation.
It can change the case of text, find and replace text, count words, and do tons of other stuff.

What is the goal of Text Tools?
Text Tools is designed to be fast, easy to use, and powerful.
If you feel it is lacking in these areas, please email me suggestions.

How do you use Text Tools?
1) Put all the text that you want to edit in the input box.
2) Choose an effect depending on what you want to do to your text.
3) The output will display the result of the input text edited by the current effect. You can now get the edited text from the output box.

What do all the different effects do?
Mouse over any effect to get a brief description of what it does and how to use it.

How do I use multiple effects at once?
If you want to put the same text through multiple effects, all you have to do is choose an effect, click on the "Save Effect" button, and repeat this with another effect. This way, you can compound effects together.

How do I get text in and out of Text Tools?
To get text into the input, you can either type it in, paste it in, or drag in selected text from another program.
To get text from the output, you can either retype it somewhere manually, copy the text and paste it in another program, or drag it to another program.

How do I use the Text Tools bookmarklet?
There's a link on the about page if you haven't seen it yet. Follow the instructions to easily install it.
Then, when you're browsing any website, open the bookmarklet and the selected text will automatically be opened in Text Tools as the input text.

I found a bug or have a suggestion for Text Tools. How can I contact you?
Just use the feedback link in Text Tools to drop me an email.
Please include "Text Tools" somewhere in the email's subject so I know what you're talking about.

Which browsers does Text Tools support and on which devices?
Check out the about page for this information.